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Mobility is the first step towards access

The GOTrenton! project is a collaborative effort spearheaded by Isles, Inc. and state and local partners to bring affordable and reliable transportation to the Trenton community.  

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The development of GOTrenton! began when we needed a solution to a challenge in our own work at Isles. As we trained and connected fellow Trentonians to good paying jobs, the challenge of getting to work prevented hard workers from maintaining those jobs. Our team set out to learn from the community – speaking to other organizations, hosting listening sessions, and asking residents about their transportation needs – and learned that the lack of affordable and reliable transportation was prevalent throughout the city and posed a significant to a good quality of life.  


30% of Trenton households do not own a private vehicle and 21% of residents report using carpooling as their main mode of transportation to work. Our community’s lack of transportation was an inequity our team set out to address. Additionally, we saw an opportunity to not only improve transportation in our community, but to also reduce the air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in our community by capitalizing on the state’s transition to electric vehicles.  


The pilot year of the program was funded by the Department of Environmental Protection in 2021 and two Request for Proposals were issued to bring this project to life. We partnered with FLO to bring charging stations to support the program and Ride Circuit to run the program’s operations.  


The GOTrenton! program is a project that was made by and for the Trenton community. Our team executed an extensive outreach plan to learn from Trentonians about their transportation needs and ensure they are the primary beneficiaries of the program. Our outreach includes:  

Community Partnerships

We’ve connected with organizations throughout the city to ensure GOTrenton! connects people to their services.

Community Listening Sessions 

We hosted and will continue to host listening sessions to ensure the program improves and services more and more Trentonians every year.

Our partners 

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